About Us

Our goal is to deliver high quality goods that let people express their East Coast heritage and show pride in the Maritime way of life; keeping a connection with the past, while being current and stylish.



Pierre (Sevi) Sevigny moved to Halifax to attend university, with the intention of spending only a few years in the Maritimes, but then something special happened. After getting a job that required him to travel to every corner of the Atlantic Provinces, a love affair with that part of the world began.

He developed a deep connection with the sea, the culture and the spirit of the east coast. Magical experiences like: having a rum and coke while watching the Blue Nose II sailing in the Halifax harbour, standing on Signal Hill overlooking St. John’s harbour, enjoying sunny days on Cavendish beach or dripping donair sauce all over himself at 2 AM; made him stay for a few decades instead.

The hard decision was made, to move to Calgary to be with his partner and talented graphic artist; Vox Devaux.

It didn’t take long to meet hundreds of fellow people from “back home” who have made the same difficult choice to move away. All of these people have one thing in common; a passionate pride for the East Coast and the unique way of life it represents.

With a desire to bring this displaced community a taste of home, Vox and Sevi quit their jobs and started the Mighty Halifax Style Donair food truck.

The overwhelming response to the food truck was immediate. Clearly a nostalgia and sense of community was felt surrounding the truck.

Vox’s brilliant design of the Captain Mighty logo, combined a romantic, old-style, naval image of a sailor with an “urban hip” feel and has quickly become iconic.



Vox DeVaux also moved to the sparkling and vibrant City of Calgary from another part of Canada, which has no oceans but a lot of fresh water, to seek fame and fortune (or at least a job).

She too only intended to stay for a year or so before heading back to study graphic arts, but that was not to be, as she found herself a career.

Vox came to realize the remarkable opportunities in Calgary and that it wasn't only cowboy hats and pickup trucks, there also existed an active arts community.

Vox considers herself a lifelong learner and has attended many continuing education courses at S.A.I.T., A.C.A.D. & The U of C.  She is currently a member of the Alberta Printmakers group and finds the popularity of making, maker spaces and hand crafting items a refreshing complement to the digital world.



 Captain Mighty

Captain "Mighty" Mike McDonald was a legendary sea captain who lived around the turn of the 18th century (or maybe it was the turn of this century?) who was a proud Haligonian.  His baritone voice could often be heard, while the sun was setting, singing the sad song of the Barret's Privateers.  Do you remember Captain Mighty?  Send us your thoughts.


The Captain says:  "Always Be Mighty"